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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry


This photo was taken in Suzhou, China. Suzhou is known as the “Venice of the East” and famous for its classical gardens and Chinese architecture. I particularly enjoy photographing ancient Chinese architecture for its strong lines and symmetry. Stripping away colour and making this photo black and white with high contrast brings to focus the basic elements of geometry.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette #2


I know the point of these photo challenges is probably to post your favourite picture, but I had such a hard time choosing my favourite silhouettes that I have to make another post. But hey, sharing is caring right?

Again, this is another brilliant sunset in Khao Lak, Thailand. 



Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


I think nothing beats a typical silhouette photo than a picture of sunset on a beach. This was taken during my trip to Khao Lak, Thailand during the summer. Other than the nice looking palm trees, there was even a couple where the guy was holding the girl with one hand and pointing at the sky with another. Too much cheese for one picture?

Light Years

It has been two years since I graduated. One year since I last dated. Two months since I walked through the door with a sign that said “beware, real life ahead.” I feel like I am constantly chasing a loyal companion called time. I’m trying to catch my breath while it blazes ahead, leaving dim […]

Signage and wayfinding.


Thoughts on China #1

Where signs could help you find your way to the right one.

One thing that struck me as odd during my adventure in Shanghai was the obsession with horoscopes. In China, horoscopes determine compatibility, and therefore, if you know the other person’s sign, you know everything about that person. Usually, a typical conversation would go like this after the introduction:

Are you single?” (Yes, in China, people do get to the point right away)


What’s your sign?

Oh, I am a Cancer.

That’s a great sign, Cancerian girls are usually very successful, but a little bit hard to figure out, they seem to have unusual mood swings and …(mind shuts down at this point)…you know your perfect match should be a Scorpio. I know a couple of them, are you interested?

There you go, a typical conversation I would be having with new acquaintances and taxi cab drivers (not quite that often I admit). 

But how much credibility do my Chinese friends give to something that to me, seems almost superstitious?

Apparently, quite a lot.

They believe it is founded on statistical research and generalizations made about each sign are quite accurate.

So, to immerse myself in the culture, I started to read horoscopes and follow my horoscope readings on Weibo. Suddenly, it all made sense. No wonder my bank account drains much faster in the months of November, because most of my close friends are Scorpios and you know…birthday dinners and gifts. 

Therefore, if next time you hear comments like “Oh his behaviour is so typical of a Libra” or “I can’t be friends with anyone who’s a Virgo,“don’t be alarmed. It’s the cultural norm. Perhaps even think twice before putting it on the table. 

Since I already put it out, who can hook me up with a Scorpio? According to posts on Weibo, we have 100% compatibility. To forewarn you though, I am apparently emotionally unstable.